Customer Journey Maps

Customer Centric Process Excellence Program

Customer journey maps are pictorial representations of customer experiences which provide insights on the business process through the eyes of the customer.

  • It does so by breaking the process into the different stages the customer experiences, placing them in the centre of the enterprise’s focus, to understand the full set of interactions they encounter through the process.
  • It provides you an overview of customers’ experience and identifies opportunities for improvement.

In-depth analysis also sheds light on questions customers’ have which are not being addressed in the current process, leading to better business results, faster turnaround times and superior customer experiences.

In the past, customer journey and process maps have been put together manually by bringing a large group of subject matter experts together and drawing it based on the collective experience of the people in the room:

This can be influenced by a lot of biases and often shows the perceived most common path as opposed to all the routes taken and their relative frequencies. Customer Journey Mapping utilizes the data embedded in operational systems to show each moment of truth for the customer interactions and how they relate to each other. By tracking the experiences in relation to each other as well as independently, the fulness of the customer experience can be analyzed and the outcomes based on a series of touch points can be optimized.

We bring all the functions together, producing a holistic view of the process by providing insights using process mining and customer analytics. This provides an end to end view of the customer’s experience, with the ability to drill into target areas and improve the process for the customer and the business

  • Customer Acquisition and Onboarding Processes
  • Renewals / Cancellations: Finding key drivers of attrition using customer interaction data with the company
  • Clinical Care Pathways
  • Insurance Claim Processes
  • Financial Management Processes: Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, etc