Smart BI Solution

Putting the Intelligence into Business Intelligence

  • Identify the audience(s):
    It is believed that when directed towards the right audience, the BI tool must speak for itself.
  • Design a targeted solution using the “Smart BI Methodology” to make better decisions
  • Find the gap in the existing BI setup from the eyes of the chosen audience
  • Utilize the existing assets or assist in making the right decision to develop the solution
    The solution contains right mix of historical and forward-looking views and leverage advanced analytical capabilities to make it user-
    friendly and insights driven
  • Look at the past and project what is likely to happen
  • Provide means to understand impact of critical business decisions on those future outcomes
  • Facilitate natural language-based question and answer capabilities that allow business users to interact with the data in an intuitive manner
  • Integrate with voice interfaces, such as Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa
  • Automated graphs and dashboards (historical and forward-looking)
  • Easy to use with automated text mining search
  • Integrated Machine Learning algorithms, built-in insights discovery
  • Drive day to day decision-making and actions
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