Data Optimization Strategy

Make data analysis ready

Our goal is to enable Digital Transformation, Data Science and Process Improvement Initiatives to reach its maximum potential.

Data Optimization

We take a holistic approach consisting of:

Data Governance supports, facilitates, and is prioritized by Data Strategy Needs. It is backed by:
  • Data Stewardship, which helps in establishing business ownership of the data
  • Robust Communication Plan to ensure adaption across the organization
Data Management utilizes a pull vs a push strategy – i.e. data that is identified as high priority is addressed first. It comprises of:
  • Source System Profiling – Review existing data sources and document key information across all operational sources and vendor systems.
  • Metadata Curation – Creation of a Data Catalogue for both technical as well as business metadata
Data Quality program design and support is focussed on identifying Data Quality rules, intervening wherever needed to fix the root cause and ongoing monitoring:
  • Data Quality Assessment and Criteria – Identify data quality rules and establish baseline data quality
  • Facilitating Upstream Data Cleansing – Work with front end organizations to improve quality for key data. When appropriate, establish and apply business rules to data to improve quality in downstream applications.
  • Data Quality Monitoring – Create ongoing data quality measurement processes to ensure compliance with established standards.

The CA Edge:

  • Consultative: By bringing together our subject matter expertise along with the technical skills of Big Data and Analytics, we deliver a strong value proposition.
  • Strategic Alignment: Understanding the overarching strategy ensures that the granular level work facilitates delivery and sequence the workflows to drive success.
  • Accelerators: We have a key Data Management Solution component in place, which can easily be tailored to your needs.
  • Resource Flexibility: A pool of trained Data Science and Data Management resources are available to be added as needed in accordance with changing project requirements.
  • Staffing Model: Economic benefits are the result of the right balance of onshore and offshore resources to support the business needs at the optimal cost.
  • Partnership: Personal, Senior Management level support is part of the model, Cognitio’s mix of resources is designed to support your needs at any time in the project.