Leveraging big data to drive business value

We help clients achieve greater returns out of their investments in becoming a digital enterprise. We do so by bringing together three key capabilities, that together drive higher operational effectiveness.

Expertise in<br> all things data

Expertise in
all things data

  • Data strategy, data governance & management
  • Solutions based on use of data science and AI methodologies
  • Setting up and running of data/analytics operations
  • Big data storage, organization, dissemination of insights
Deep domain<br> understanding

Deep domain

  • Leadership team with extensive operational experience
         in chosen verticals: Insurance, Healthcare and Banking
  • Experience in developing solutions for key shared services
         functions such as Finance Operations, IT operations, HR etc.
Tailored<br> methodologies


  • Experience in deploying solutions on Digital Enterprise
         technology platforms
  • Familiarity with deploying AI/ML solutions on
         platforms such as RPA tools, customer interaction BOTs,
         core processing platforms

Achieve true business value

At Cognitio, we have decades of experience in bringing the above three together to "Mind the Gap" for you to achieve business value

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